ITDM GROUP : Our history

If we were to tell you the whole story in detail, we’d need an entire website. To sum up, ITDM is constantly looking for new challenges.

Our passion and desire to grow sums up our story very well. You’re about to discover all the countries where we operate and why we’ve chosen them!


Creation of the first ITDM office in Belgium, the birthplace of our CEO


Setting up in Portugal, known as "Europe's Silicon Valley", where some of our developers are based


Creation of an office in Montreal and Quebec in Canada to seize the opportunity for development in AI and Industry 4.0


Creation of ITDM Alsace to cover the 3 borders (Germany, Switzerland, France)


Creation of an R&D office at KM0 in Mulhouse.


Development of offices in Morocco


Purchase of Meaweb, which becomes our Belgian entity

One Network Three

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