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Grand EST


Label Transformation digitale

ITDM Group Wins Prestigious Label for Digital Transformation - Grand EST

Le 1er janvier 2022, ITDM Group a été honoré par le Label Transformation Digitale - Grand EST en reconnaissance de son engagement exceptionnel en matière de transformation digitale. This distinction illustrates ITDM Group's unwavering commitment to technological innovation and excellence in the Grand Est region.

The ITDM Group team was applauded for its key role in helping businesses in the region to transform digitally. The label recognises their expertise and significant contribution to modernising business processes, improving productivity and adopting cutting-edge digital technologies.

This remarkable achievement reflects the company's vision and commitment to the digital future. ITDM Group will continue to play a leading role in driving digital transformation in the Grand Est and beyond, implementing innovative solutions to help businesses thrive in an increasingly connected world.

Golden Case


Golden cases: Flow management

ITDM Group Shines at the "Golden Cases" in March 2022 for its Excellence in Flow Management

On March 1st, 2022, ITDM Group was honored at the prestigious "Golden Cases" ceremony in the "Flow Management" category. This prestigious award highlights ITDM Group's unmatched mastery in the field of flow management, shining a light on its ongoing commitment to innovation and operational excellence.

The "Golden Cases" award recognizes the significant impact ITDM Group has had in optimizing data and process flow management within organizations. The company stood out for its creativity, complex problem-solving abilities, and dedication to simplifying its clients' operations.

This remarkable achievement testifies to the constant effort and commitment of the ITDM Group team towards improving the business processes of its clients. Driven by this distinction, they remain determined to continue pushing the boundaries of excellence in the field of flow management, thus offering cutting-edge solutions to help businesses thrive in an ever-changing world.



Label Alsace Excellence

ITDM Group Awarded the Alsace Excellence Label in 2021

On January 1st, 2021, ITDM Group was honored by receiving the prestigious Alsace Excellence Label, a distinguished recognition of excellence and the company's remarkable contribution to the Alsace region.

This label illustrates the central role ITDM Group plays in the economic dynamics of the Alsace region. It reflects the company's constant commitment to quality, innovation, and operational excellence. The Alsace Excellence Label is awarded to companies that stand out for their performance, creativity, and positive impact on the region.

As a key player in the economic scene of Alsace, ITDM Group has demonstrated its ability to stimulate growth, create jobs, and contribute to the sustainable development of the region. The company is committed to supporting the local community while remaining at the forefront of technological innovation.

This prestigious recognition is a testament to ITDM Group's commitment and dedication to Alsace, as well as its ongoing commitment to meet challenges with a bold vision. The company is proud to be an integral part of the region's success and remains determined to maintain the high standards of excellence that earned it the Alsace Excellence Label.

Technological Innovation Award


Award Innovation Technologique

In October 2018, ITDM Group had the honor of receiving the highly coveted Technological Innovation Award, a distinction that testifies to the company's relentless commitment to research and development of innovative solutions in the field of technology.

This award highlights ITDM Group's avant-garde approach to technological innovation, rewarding the constant efforts made to push the boundaries of technology and to anticipate the future needs of the market. This recognition also reflects the company's ability to create products, services, and solutions that make a real difference in the technology industry.

The Technological Innovation Award is a tribute to the expertise of the ITDM Group team, its innovative spirit, and its commitment to continuous improvement. This accolade reinforces ITDM Group's position as a leader in the technology sector and confirms its reputation as a company shaping the future of technology.