World Intellectual Property Day

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World Intellectual Property Day is today! Day created by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) it takes place every April 26.

What is the goal of the day?

The objective is twofold: to inform and educate the general public on the importance of copyright, patents and trademarks in the daily life of companies. The creativity and importance of innovators in the development of markets and societies around the world are also being honored.

April 26 is a strategic date because it marks the entry into force of the World Intellectual Property Organization convention in 1970.

What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property can be defined as the set of exclusive rights granted to intellectual creations. It breaks down into several categories:

  • Industrial property: with on the one hand the utilitarian creations, the patent of invention and the certificate of contrary or plant variety. On the other hand, there are the distinctive signs of the trade mark, with the domain name, the appellation of origin.
  • Neighboring right:it is part of copyright. It gives remuneration to natural and legal persons who have participated in the creation of a work without being an author. We will think, for example, of performers.
  • Literary and artistic property: its application is possible in the case of works of the mind and is composed of copyright. Graphic designers and photographers can use it.

What are the figures for intellectual property?

Published in February 2021, onthe WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) website, the global figures enlighten us. Indeed, we realize that international patent applications are up 4% in 2020, with more than 68,720 applications. China is the country that initiates the most patent applications.

We also learn that computer technologies represent the majority of published applications. According to the PCT (the name of the Patent Cooperation Treaty), these applications represent 9.2% of total applications. Digital communications and medical technology come next in the rankings.

Intellectual property in France.

Zoom on France, according to the National Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI) there are 106,115 trademarks that were registered during the year 2020. This figure has been on the rise for 5 years. In terms of patents, the figures are less good since there is a drop of 9.5% with 14,309 patents in 2020.

In conclusion, this day has no more mysteries for you. Find all our news on our blog!