Which digital leader is your boss?

Which digital leader is your boss? ITDM GROUP

Your boss inspires you every day in your work. But not only, he is the referent (e) of your success.

The principle of leadership is based on an individual’s ability to manage, mobilize and re-motivate his teams. But there are several leader profiles. So what type of leader do you think is your boss?

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The lecturer

It generates good vibes and success. Very active on social networks, he is present on all of them. He shows unfailing positivity and transmits his energy to all of his teams. Its objective is to highlight the success of the company by boosting its teams on a daily basis.

The futuristic

A true actor of change, he participates in the growth of the company. Its actions are based on sustainability and innovation. Being in the market trend is a priority for him. He advocates digital transformation and growth techniques, such as Growth Marketing.
Its objective is to persevere in the renewal of marketing & sales strategies to optimize the value of its brand and ensure its sustainability.

The confirmed expert

A technical player, he is attached to results and sales performance. It carries out regular watches on its competitors via the many web analysis tools, in order to surpass them. Process innovation becomes his hobbyhorse. He inspires his teams with his force of proposal. His goal is to be better in his field of activity to lead his business to success.

The clown

Master-free, it works by heart. He is constantly looking for inspiration to create and give ideas to his teams. Stubborn, he needs to test his strategies on the ground. A dreamer, he spends most of his time on social networks. He wishes to be an actor in the success of his team. Often reframed by his collaborators, he knows how to impose these ideas. Her goal is to shake up standard codes by bringing a fun and quirky spirit to her colleagues.

The wise man

He wants to bring his teams together to think about his new strategies. Very collaborative, he seeks to learn the opinions of all of his teams to make these decisions. Hyperconnected, he seeks all the means of action by drawing inspiration from the greats on the web. Its objective is to identify opportunities in its market in real time and adjust its strategies.

The defender

Politician at heart, he defends his brand values, to position his teams towards victory. His responsibilities make him a warrior, ready to draw his best techniques to boost his sales via the web. Its objective is to maintain the well-being and motivation of its teams, while keeping in view its sales objectives.

The start-up

He likes novelties which boost his creativity, but also which awaken his entrepreneurial spirit. Innovation is at the heart of its action plan. The launch of a novelty on the web (product or service) is what excites him the most. The adventure and risk associated with projects do not scare him. Very chatting, he likes to give his impressions on everything in comments or via posts. Its objective is to have a new and revealing perspective of opportunity.

The pass everywhere

Simple but committed, he reassures his teams in the face of failures. Friendly and dynamic, he knows how to keep his troops in a good state of mind even in a crisis situation. Its objective is to listen to these teams and optimize the relationship with its customers.

The loyalist

First musketeer of his company, he knows how to manage and manage his teams as well as possible. He has the will to show his achievements on all of these networks. He wants to lead these troops to achieve their objectives. Faithful to his values ​​and principles, he will stop at nothing to position his company first in its market. Its objective is to disseminate and get as many people as possible to adhere to its ideas via the networks.

The traveler

Discreet and curious, he acts on the networks with a pseudonym to carry out his digital watch. Little by little, it populates the networks, interacting with web communities. He is always questioning his digital strategy. Its objective is to identify trends across the web to follow in order to adjust its own digital strategy.

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