Web prospecting in five steps

Web prospecting in five steps itdm Digitalization of companies ITDM GROUP

Commercial prospecting is something necessary within your company and digitalization continues to take place in our daily life. So how do you combine prospecting and the web? Well there is no secret! Prospecting on the internet is like everything, a little work and organization to stand out from the competition. Here are five tools that will allow you to increase your efficiency on the net.

The website

For starters, the website will be by far your best asset for prospecting on the web. Indeed, who says website necessarily means highlighting your offers and credibility thanks to the opinions / testimonials of each.

But a website is good, as long as you use it correctly. For a website to become your best ally, it must attract users to what they are looking for, you can then optimize your natural referencing according to them with keywords.

Also think about adding call-to-action (call to action) that will encourage your future customers to communicate or interact with you (newsletter, request for demonstration, making an appointment …)

The blog

As explained previously, it is important to have your website to prospect properly, but it would be even easier to attract your customers through a content strategy by creating your personal blog.

This will allow you to treat the subjects of your choice and to go up in the search engines thanks to the keywords integrated in your articles (Note that several free / paid sites can generate keywords).

The articles will be key tools to answer, upstream, the questions of your users. So think of catchy titles, clear content and well-defined parts! Ultimately, you will need to be regular in your article posts to build a relationship of habits and stability between you and your prospects / readers.


Once your website and blog are set up, it is important for you to set up various affiliations, that is, to establish business partners. The goal will be to “take advantage” of the visibility of certain affiliates to show your products through partnerships therefore.

Setting up an affiliation then means paying the affiliate as soon as prospects buy or come to consult your products thanks to them. Several remunerations have been set up depending on the affiliation. (per click, sales commissions, etc.)

Social networks

Once the previous steps are in place, it is important to develop your social networks which mainly allow you to reach your loyal customers while attracting your future prospects.

We live in an age where most of us are digitally inclined, so it’s essential to develop this for your digital strategy and prospecting. Your social networks will allow you to increase the points of contact with your buyer persona while highlighting your site and your press area / blog.

Once again, remember to be regular and consistent in the visuals of your posts, to offer suitable content and to re-share the posts to gain visibility.


To complete your digital prospecting campaign, what could be better than setting up an e-mailing?

The best digital prospecting tool, e-mailing guarantees you more than positive feedback. The goal will then be, in the long term, to segment your prospects in order to send targeted emails and gain in performance.

Effective targeting, interactivity or simply proximity to customers are so many arguments that can convince you to create your e-mailing campaign. Prospecting, information, loyalty and marketing will be the main objectives of this project.

Finally, consider using automation tools to generate emails by sector in order to automatically qualify interested prospects.

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