Digitize your fear for Halloween

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Halloween is fast approaching! This year we invite you to digitize your experience of fear. Indeed, all means are good to reinvent your activities for All Saints’ Day. We promise you unforgettable thrills thanks to digital.

ATMOS FX your terrible digital animation

Fancy a digital 2.0 decoration? Look no further, we have what you need! Atmos FX specializes in all kinds of digital animations. Indeed, from the haunted house to the forest of darkness, there is no limit to the creativity for your decorations. Recreate unique universes that will install a part of mystery in your home. Pumpkin-type decorations, ghosts, cobwebs, all your decorations in digital version. Realistic and original, transform your home from inside to outside, so that you can scare yourself.

The digital escape game of fear

A must for games with friends or family “Escape Game”. We offer you a digital version that adapts to these exceptional events. A new technology that allows you to be afraid from a distance. As a team or alone you have the opportunity to participate in these digital games. The principle remains the same: you are locked in a room and you must use all means to get out.

Urbex digital of horror

Thrill guaranteed for this digital experience that reinvents fear. Discover one of the most isolated places in the world in digital version. This site is little known to the general public. It is in an online urbex that you visit this agonizing island which marks the spirits. This virtual island is very real. Hashima Gunkanjima, is one of the most haunted islands in the world. Indeed, according to legend, it would be inhabited by demonic spirits. So you can walk around the site using your computer and maybe even come across paranormal entities …

The terrifying new virtual reality experience

In 2020, we can offer you the best experiences for Halloween. Virtual reality is becoming the benchmark in digital entertainment. From Amtyville to Hantise, immerse yourself in the house of horrors with realistic settings that will project you into these universes. Indeed, virtual reality is possible from your smartphone with an adapter (glasses) allowing you to immerse yourself in this scary environment. Several special sessions are available between October 26th until November 2nd.

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