5 powerful tools in project management

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As we know, project management is essential to the proper functioning of a business. To optimize your time and make the best possible progress in monitoring your projects, it is good to work with management tools. In order to maximize your performance in your creations, it is essential that your toolbox is relevant and adapted to your needs. Here are the 5 tools you absolutely need for your project management.

Trello your optimized digital calendar

Forget the classic to-do list! Trello is THE ultimate project management software. Indeed, its simplicity and reliability make this multitasking tool the best in its class. Thus, you can follow the progress of current projects in real time. Complete, it consists of a calendar, a list of tasks and an automatic reminder. Interactive and intuitive, it is suitable for team work. In addition, it is possible to add extensions according to your needs and the type of project you are working on.

Scrum board for real-time visualization of your projects

More classic, but just as effective, the Scrum board works in different forms. In digital version, it is similar to a Gantt chart: it can be created via an Excel file and it can be modified in real time. The old school version is in the form of tables with repositionable post-its. Thus, you can have a global vision of the progress of your projects.

Teams sharing information in real time

Teams is a web application allowing the sharing and management of projects in an effective way. Live chat, video conferencing and online calendar are centralized. An all-in-one application that optimizes team discussions. Reliable and intuitive, it easily adapts to your projects. Information sharing is more efficient and optimized.

Hubspot your CRM at the service of your performance

It is an all-in-one CRM that allows you to monitor your sales or marketing performance in real time. Indeed, it brings together all the tools that salespeople or marketers need in order to monitor their objectives. From the calendar to the database, everything is centralized. Thus, the files have a personalized and effective follow-up. No more excuses for not doing customer reminders!

Mail 2.0 platform

Performance also means being able to have precise monitoring of all customer interactions. We have all experienced this situation, in which we remind our interlocutor to find out if he has received our email. Thus, many email extensions allow you to track your exchanges. Indeed, these extensions revolutionize the classic correspondence. In addition, you can accurately view the email tracking status. In addition, from opening to the number of times your email has been seen your correspondent will no longer hold any secrets for you! It is a precise follow-up of reliable and discreet emails which optimizes your time with ease.

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