11 I-tech gift ideas for Christmas

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Christmas is coming and you haven’t finished your last minute shopping? Don’t panic, we’ve put together a list that should help you out. For lovers of new technologies, the curious at heart, for young and old and above all, for all budgets, we have selected 11 ideas for innovative, funny or unusual I-tech Christmas gifts.
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For mini budgets (- € 15)

  • Mini iPhone 2 in 1 adapter – € 4.95
    Because yes, it’s annoying having to choose between charging your phone and listening to your music. With this little gadget, you no longer have to compromise. Thanks WHO ?
  • Kit of 3 lenses for selfie – 12 €
    Turn your smartphone into a pro camera! Thanks to these small lenses to clip on the phone, you will now be able to take magnificent wide-angle landscape photos, small sharp details in macro, or even your groups of friends with the fisheye!
  • Flintronic leather wallet with RFID blocking – € 15
    It incorporates materials that block RFID technology preventing you from intervening cards that you keep inside. It also helps protect them from outside scanners – that is, your information is stolen without your knowledge by walking past you with a device equipped with a chip scanner.

For reasonable budgets (- € 50)

  • Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 connected bracelet – 22 €
    A connected watch / bracelet at such a low price ?! No, you’re not dreaming. Say goodbye to smartwatches priced at € 300 or more from the Big Apple brand and its associates.
    This small discreet bracelet is equipped with all the functions sought for this type of gadget. Whether you’re a sports fan or just tech-savvy, monitor your heart rate, sleep, notifications and calls, and view your progress in the dedicated app!
    Here is a perfect i-tech Christmas gift idea at a lower cost!
  • Reusable smart notebook – € 29
    Durable, reusable, environment friendly, this notebook has it all!
    Connected to an app to save all your notes, just microwave it to erase all of its content and reuse it endlessly!

For good budgets (- 100 €)

  • The connected keychain – 50 €
    Who has never lost / forgotten their keys? Throw a stone at him!
    Thanks to this real Swiss army knife of keys, this nightmare will soon be a distant memory. Very handy for hanging all your keys and keeping them all in one place, don’t be afraid of losing them all at once, since all you need to do is geotag your keychain using the dedicated app.

  • The connected cooler for cans – € 70
    Your friends will soon proclaim you king / queen of the picnic! You won’t be able to do without this 2-in-1 portable cooler, which keeps your cans cool in addition to streaming your music thanks to the Bluetooth connection. The friendly aperitifs and barbecues are yours!

  • Polaroid Printer for Smartphone – 99 €
    Do you know the principle of the polaroid? Well, thanks to this mini printer, the principle is pretty much the same. Except that instead of having an extra device, which some consider somewhat cumbersome, or whose images are not very high quality, you can print the photos directly from your smartphone. You keep the quality of your images, and you can print them whenever and wherever you want. The printer slips discreetly into a pocket or bag. Perfect for keeping memories of your most beautiful moments!

For big budgets (over 100 €)

  • Connected kibble distributor – 177 €
    Are you going away and worrying about feeding your dog or cat? No more problem thanks to this object connected to your smartphone, you just have to adjust the doses and the frequency of food distribution. You will be able to receive notifications letting you know when your pet has been fed or that the bowl is soon empty, and can serve him food remotely outside of feeding times if necessary. Happy animal, peaceful master, we validate!

  • Connected beauty mirror– € 279
    Ladies and gentlemen, you are not ready for this object that will revolutionize your beauty routine! This mirror equipped with LED lighting of your choice and an adjustable brightness and color temperature for makeup, will also analyze the smallest details of your skin and suggest beauty and care products according to its condition and skin. weather! Equipped with speakers and microphone, it can also give you virtual makeup tryouts and give you comparisons over time. A real prodigy for lovers of new technologies.

  • Connected wine aerator – € 399
    Notice to the most impatient wine lovers and sommeliers.
    By placing this aerator on the bottle of your choice, just opened, simply scan the label of the bottle in the dedicated app and let the technology take care of it! The app will recognize the wine and calculate according to the optimal aeration by applying it instantly by adding air. That is the demand of the people..

With all this, we hope that you will have found enough ideas for i-tech Christmas gifts to ensure, even at the last minute !!

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